Ishaanee Aarya

Marketing Consultant

ishaanee aarya
About Me

I am an enthusiastic marketing consultant based in Bangalore, with a rich experience of over 6 years in marketing & branding.

I Market Brands (Worldwide)

B2B,B2C & D2C 

With years of experience in Marketing and branding, I have mastered the skills of understanding client requirements according to the latest trends. I have worked with businesses from different niches so you can rely on me for yours.

I’ve spent most of these years working across different areas of design like front-end development, landing pages, email design, app UI/UX, to my current role designing products for mobile platforms. Having worked on various projects that are already live, I can help you with the best possible suggestions and ideas that we can proceed with. With me, you aren’t forced to accept anything. I give you a variety of options we can work on together.

What I Do

With four years of hands-on experience in 360-degree marketing encompassing both online and offline channels, I have honed my skills to drive impactful campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences. My strategic approach integrates traditional and digital methods to create cohesive marketing initiatives that deliver measurable results.



I Formulate effective Brand strategies that are aligned with business objectives and drive results. I make sure the Strategy is goal-oriented, keeping in mind the ROI that drives growth.



 Strong interpersonal skills to build and maintain relationships with clients, understanding their needs and providing tailored marketing solutions.Leading and mentoring cross-functional teams to achieve marketing goals and deliver high-quality results.



Proficient in leveraging various digital channels, including social media, email marketing, &SEM, SEO, to reach and engage target audiences effectively




 Proven track record in planning, executing, and optimizing marketing campaigns to drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, and retention.


Experienced in conducting market research and analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and competitive insights to inform marketing strategies.




Skilled in building and managing strong brands through cohesive messaging, visual identity, and customer engagement strategies.







(Google Ads, FB/Ig Ads)






My Experience

Jan 2024- Present

Easy Digital Solutions

CEO & Founder

As the CEO and founder of Easy Digital Solutions, I am proud to lead a company dedicated to providing innovative digital solutions to our clients. Our mission is to simplify the digital world for businesses of all sizes, helping them thrive in today’s competitive market.

At Easy Digital Solutions, offer’s a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. From web design and development to digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, our team of experts is committed to delivering high-quality results that drive growth and success.



Brand Marketing Manager

Contribute ideas in cross-functional team settings across social media, creative, strategy, media, PR, and production.Develop brand and innovation strategies, working closely with account directors to manage and champion ideas and integrated projects. Execute brand packaging, style guides, and communication priorities for the category.

Collaborate with brand leaders and cross-functional partners to execute innovation plans.

Manage campaigns to ensure brand consistency across all channels, focusing on brand priorities.

Establish strong client communication and connections with senior-level client leadership.

Manage one consumer segment of the total category, maximizing brand appeal and targeting consumer needs and wants.

Lead and coach account coordinators for all cross-functional teams.

Anticipate problems and opportunities by understanding the client’s business and industry thoroughly.

Maximize brand sales for the consumer segment and specific category.

Develop and execute performance marketing strategies, including creating a new promotional campaign for the cosmetics business that increased sales revenue by 24%.

Established a new social media team, growing the company’s web presence and global brand awareness by 45%.

Implement various tools to increase efficiency and save company costs in processes.

Evaluate technology and requirements to achieve goals in data-driven marketing.

Create and execute data-driven performance marketing strategies across channels like paid search, display advertising, and social media advertising.

Analyze marketing campaign data, generate performance reports, and present findings to the management team.

Oversee and optimize paid search and display campaigns, including keyword research, bid management, ad copy creation, and A/B testing.

Strategize and execute social media advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, identifying target audiences and tailoring ad creatives for maximum impact.


Bangalore School Of Design

Asst. Marketing Manager

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